automated test data management

AcceleTest is a robust test data management solution that provides immediate value by simplifying and accelerating the creation, obfuscation, and management of test data without writing a single line of SQL. AcceleTest does this heavy lifting for you, takes only a few days to implement, and just a few hours to train users.

AcceleTest Data Sheet

business intelligence simulation

These interactive simulations provide a quick, accurate assessment of our client’s business needs. They keep everyone on the same page — allowing for fast project delivery, fewer corrections and, ultimately, lower costs.

**Meridian is proud to be working with QlikView. Download QlikView today by clicking HERE.**

data acquisition & integration

Our DAI is a structured framework that standardizes data acquisition and integration, auditing, error handling and reconciliation. Our proprietary process leads to faster product development and increased quality.

meridian development center

There’s now proof that American companies can look in their own backyards for unsurpassed,cost-effective technology solutions. It’s right here – onshore – in the Meridian Development Center. We hire the best and brightest computer scientists to solve your toughest software development challenges. Quickly. And cost-effectively.

Smart. Fast. Unique software solutions.

Meridian Technologies solves problems. Specifically, we solve the kind of big data-management problems that cost companies time and money. We’re a technical-consulting, performance-engineering and software-development company that identifies, designs, builds and tests robust data-management applications.

We’re not a big, lumbering bureaucracy who tries to make your problem fit a proprietary, one-size-fits-all solution. We’re like a precision strike team. Fast. Efficient. Accurate. Proven. And we’re the absolute best at what we do. Our customer-satisfaction record proves it.