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Performance Engineering

Putting the Pedal to the Metal

Meridian’s Performance Engineering team helps you diagnose the causes of slow application processing. Our clients are leading banks and insurance companies that process tens of millions of transactions a day. If those applications even take 1/100th of a second too long to process, the delivery of data could be delayed by hours.

At Meridian Consulting, our Performance Engineering teams perform diagnosis on everything from the use of the infrastructure resources to the database design to the application itself, in an effort to determine the cause of slow application processing. After we diagnose the problem, we work with you on a plan to remediate the issues. No two problems are alike, and having a team of senior technologists that can examine all layers of the application’s architecture is critical to identifying the issues. Meridian’s Performance Engineering team has solved countless large-scale performance problems for our clients and stands ready to assist you.

Problem, Meet Solution.

With a senior technology team that can analyze all layers of the application architecture, Meridian ensures that you are solving the right problem. If a process is designed to be bound to a single processor, buying more processors for the server will not solve the performance problem. Sometimes adding an index to a table helps one process and hurts another. If the code application is structured badly, adding hardware may not help the problem. There are a lot of reasons that an application may not be processing optimally, and Meridian’s team has the skills and experience to diagnose and solve the correct problem.

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