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At Meridian, we take a consultative approach to identifying and solving the unique business challenges of our clients. But through our years of experience, we have identified a number of key pain points that are experienced by many organizations in wide-ranging industries. The Meridian Data Solutions and profitlens products are our unique solutions to these problems.

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We’ve found that many organizations are unaware that the secret to improving profitability is to measure and manage customer profitability. That’s why profitlens exists. profitlens is a fully integrated profitability-management system for banks that allows them to easily identify their most profitable customers and products. This means that that they can develop strategies for improved pricing, greater retention, targeted cross-selling and increased profits.Learn more about profitlens 
Most companies use sensitive production data for development, testing and training, but they fail to implement safeguards to protect data in non-production environments. Meridian Data Solutions is a complete enterprise solution for fast, efficient and secure sourcing and for masking of production data.Learn more about Meridian Data Solutions 

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