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Our client required a fresh and innovative approach to addressing the several aspects of the Army’s cyber security (CS) and information assurance (IA) processes and infrastructure. Meridian was tasked with refreshing the directorate’s approach to providing CS and IA tasks, including policy development, system engineering (software and hardware), system certification and accreditation, field technical assessments, website development, and executive-support services.


Meridian’s immediate challenge upon assuming responsibility for the contract was to stabilize the existing processes and assess the state of the client’s environment. The incumbent contractor had become stagnant over the previous nine years and had not maintained documentation as processes and technology changed. In all areas, Meridian worked diligently to develop interim processes and deploy the appropriate mix of skills to effectively support ongoing operations.

After stabilizing the existing environment, Meridian’s real work began. To add value for the client, Meridian worked to re-assess the existing processes and technology. This evaluation phase lead to numerous recommendations impacting the expected skill mix, interaction between various working groups and the development of new processes. Meridian’s commercial background contributed heavily to the effort to streamline workflows and drive efficiencies. This efficiency focused commercial mindset also allowed Meridian to deploy value added resources, including an advisory board, at a significantly lower cost than the incumbent contractor.


Better, faster, cheaper—these are core philosophical priorities for Meridian on all engagements. Meridian delivered wins in each of these areas under this contract.

Better: By improving the leadership at the section and program level, Meridian reduced transition risk and was able to retain talented individuals with deep client knowledge. For positions that required new skills, expertise and attitudes, Meridian deployed talented knowledge leaders who brought the client focused, delivery skills required to effectively drive improvements in the contract execution.

Better: Finally, Meridian assembled a team of former military general officers who were provided to the client as an executive advisory board. The advisory board members met regularly to evaluate the contract and government team’s strategies and made recommendations for improvements in the team’s plan. The combination of these success factors lead to a highly successful deployment of a variety of services to the Army CIO-G6 Cyber Directorate.

Faster: At contract inception, the various working groups had little interaction despite performing highly integrated job responsibilities. Meridian suggested several organizational changes which when implemented improved the capacity of Certification & Accreditation team to execute their vast number of required system audits. Many of the incumbent staff members were retained to support ongoing work.

Cheaper: Possibly best of all, Meridian was able to deliver this scope of services at a price point that was lower than the incumbent contractor.

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