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Meridian Team Reveals Best Advice for Getting 2022 Started Off Right

At Meridian Technologies, our job is to provide quality IT workforce and consulting services that help organizations in both the commercial and public sectors fuel enterprise transformation. And while the transformation being referred to is digital, of course, it does get me to thinking about other types of transformation, including personal.

From my vantage point as president of Meridian, I’m offering my best advice, gained through insight and experience, for personal transformation to become more effective leaders, businesspeople, and team members. It includes:

  • Understanding your organization’s goals and how they will impact your team and company
  • Knowing what is working and what is not to achieve the results you are working toward
  • Change your approach when things are not working so you can get the right outcomes that you set for your teams and company
  • Speaking up when things don’t seem right, so that you can readjust the path you’re on

Because we’re still early in 2022, we’ve tapped others within our organization to share their insights and advice for the best business year:

“Never stop learning and be ready to pivot. The IT environment is constantly evolving, which provides extensive growth opportunities. Areas such as the cloud, AI/ML, and more will continue to develop and expand this field. Never be scared to inquire about a better solution.” – Austin Craig – Sr. Technical Recruiter

“Hiring managers should align with client partners/account managers. When you know you’ll need a hire, don’t wait and start early. Create a good experience for the candidates so that interest isn’t lost because your actions model what the work expectations and climate will be.” – Melissa Irvin – Client Partner

“Make sure you know EXACTLY what will make 2022 a successful year for you and for your team. Whether it’s delivering a project on time, finding more balance, or making more money. Share that goal over and over and make sure you are constantly tracking progress.” – Christine Valente – Market Director

“My fiancé always quotes Jimmy Buffet: ‘Breathe in, breathe out, move on.’ His younger brother passed away from leukemia a few years ago and that was his motto. Throughout the pandemic, mental health rightfully became a big focus. So, for 2022, slow down and know that we are all going to get through this!” – Lindsay Hargett – Director of Retail Delivery

“No matter what path you go down, remember that you are the CEO of your life. You get to decide how hard you work, what decisions you make and how you treat others. Be wise.” -Keith King – Senior Client Partner

Let’s all work together to create the teams we need to pursue digital transformation and embrace success. Meridian is here to help you put your best foot forward this year.

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